Kobold Press Bestiary - A Collection Of Fantasy Miniatures

Created by Effin Cool Miniatures

Raised in Kickstarter
$20,338.00 / 217 backers
Raised in BackerKit
$4,310.00 / 213 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: May 2017

Grouped Miniatures

6 sqaure picture frame dwarves legacy square thumb
3 Pack - Everything Dwarves
Kobold group legacy square thumb
3 Pack - Kobold Leaders
Group undead legacy square thumb
4 Pack - From the Dead Ready to Fight
4kobolds legacy square thumb
4 Pack - Everything Kobold
Grouped fey legacy square thumb
7 Pack - Fey Lords & Ladies
Groupedundead5 legacy square thumb
5 Pack - Everything Undead
8pack legacy square thumb
8 Pack - Everything not on the Kickstarter
These miniatures excepting the Dragon are based on older art and concepts, but still applicable t... more »
Last 4 days art bullseye legacy square thumb
Everything Kobold Press Bestiary
This total includes everything in the Kickstarter & Everything extra in Backerkit for anyone ... more »
Core 20group legacy square thumb
The Core Funding Group
All 20 miniatures from the core funding group of the Kickstarter.

Large Miniatures

Blemmyes legacy square thumb
Flab giant legacy square thumb
Flab Giant
Witch queen legacy square thumb
Queen of Witches
Eye golem legacy square thumb
Eye Golem
3 sqaure picture thursir legacy square thumb
Thursir Giant
Mithral dragon legacy square thumb
Mithral Dragon

Medium Miniatures

Far darrig legacy square thumb
Far Darrig
Night magic legacy square thumb
Queen of Night and Magic
Jester skelly legacy square thumb
Grim Jester
Moon king legacy square thumb
Moonlit King
Bagienek legacy square thumb
Bear king legacy square thumb
Bear King
Kobold shaman legacy square thumb
Kobold Shaman
Lord of the hunt legacy square thumb
Lord of the Hunt
Snow queen legacy square thumb
Snow Queen
Gilded devil legacy square thumb
Gilded Devil
Kikmora legacy square thumb
Fext legacy square thumb
Raven folk legacy square thumb
Sea Raven
Dragonkin legacy square thumb
Dragonkin Elementalist
Fey enchantress legacy square thumb
Shadow Fey Enchantress
River king legacy square thumb
River King
Bear folk legacy square thumb
Malphas legacy square thumb
Deep one legacy square thumb
Deep One Hybrid Priest
Ala legacy square thumb
Imperial ghoul legacy square thumb
Imperial Ghoul
Rat rogue legacy square thumb
Ratfolk Rogue
Mummy legacy square thumb
Imy-Ut Ushabti
Kobold chieftan legacy square thumb
Kobold Chieftan
Ab beauty legacy square thumb
Abominable Beauty
Tosculi legacy square thumb
Tosculi Warrior
Fetal savant legacy square thumb
Derro Fetal Savant
Dust goblin legacy square thumb
Dust Goblin
Kobold alchemist legacy square thumb
Kobold Alchemist
Ostrich rider legacy square thumb
Kobold Ostrich Rider
Sword dwarf legacy square thumb
Dwarf of the Iron Crags with Sword
Hammer dwarf legacy square thumb
Dwarf of the Iron Crags with Hammer
Axe dwarf legacy square thumb
Dwarf of the Iron Crags with Axe
Goblin of the wasted west legacy square thumb
Goblin of the Wasted West
Pack goblin 4 square legacy square thumb
Pack Goblin

Learn About Our Project:


Our "Core Funding Group" consists of 20 creatures from the Kobold Press universe.  Many of these are already in our hands and have had casts made of them.  Funding this Kickstarter will not only allow us to pay for licensing for these miniatures, but will also pay for further molding and casting costs.

These miniatures will also be produced as 28mm scale, unpainted pewter, with the exception of the very large pieces such as any dragons that might get unlocked.






WHO WE ARE: is a small Ohio based miniatures company and casting facility. John and Phillip have been life long role-players and wargamers with a serious itch when it comes to minis. We own our own casting facility for both 100% lead free pewter and resin.


To see what's new and to keep in touch outside of Kickstarter you can find us here at these Social Networking Sites.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter


Q-How do I get "X" miniature? 

A-Once you have pledged to a group, increase your pledge by adding the $ value of a miniature to your pledge amount total. Once the Kickstarter has finished we will send a survey to get the details of which miniatures you want to receive as your rewards for your pledge.

Q-What size are these miniatures?

A-The miniatures are scaled based on a humanoid or Medium sized creature being 28mm from foot to eye level. 

Q-Will these miniatures also be available in resin or plastic?  

A-At this time the only items that are planned to be made in resin are the 2 dragons. Doing the rest of the project in resin will only delay the delivery of rewards.

Q-When do you expect to ship the rewards? 

A-This answer hinges on how many stretch goals get unlocked. We have many of the Core Funding miniatures in hand and ready to go, but sculpting miniatures takes time. If this project unlocks all 40 of the Stretch Goals, then the fulfillment will take much longer. We are allowing for October of next year to cover ourselves, but realistically it should not take anywhere near that long! 

Q-How will I be billed for shipping?

A-At the completion of the project you will receive a survey from Backerkit.  Once that is complete and your package is ready to be shipped you will be emailed a link to purchase shipping from our website  

Q-What can I expect for United States shipping charges? 

A-Our experience is that Priority Shipping is the best method for domestic miniature shipping. The rates for Priority are given at and will vary based on the number of miniatures you are getting. We anticipate that this project at 60 miniatures should fit in a Medium Priority box. 

Q-What can I expect for foreign shipping charges? 

A-We hunt for the best possible shipping rates for each of our projects. Having said that, foreign shipping is very tough to estimate, as we do not have finished weights on many of these models. 

Q-How does this project differ from the Midgard Miniatures Kickstarter. 

A- First of all, we are not affiliated with Eastern Front Miniatures in any way. Because we are aware of that project we have specifically avoided producing anything that was/is slated for that project.